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"Lucky will be those who can attend this. Melissa is a brilliant facilitator with a light touch and a wonderful, wise heart."

~Sandy B. 

"Write From the Heart is a wonder. Melissa generates trust. She generates confidence. She works tirelessly to embrace joy through the art of creating."

~Jim Shepard, J. Leland Miller Professor of English, Williams College

National Book Award Finalist




"Melissa showed me how writing connects me with my true self. I can’t emphasize enough the impact that working with her has had on my creativity and self-knowledge. The joy and liberation that accompanied our work together fostered and cemented this passion, and I may not be writing at all today without her, much less making it my life's work."

  ~Frances L., student since age 10, Yale University graduate in writing, 

MFA in writing at Columbia University


"Melissa’s work is such a gift to all those fortunate enough to spend time with her, especially in this difficult time. It is an honor to support the light she brings to our world.”

  ~Joanne C., Cancer patient, Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute

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