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A Note From the Heart

It’s been inspiring to see how we’ve supported one another over the past months. Here at Write From the Heart, we are happy, healthy, and mindful of your safety; so, until Covid-19 moves on, all workshops are being offered via phone and Zoom. We believe creativity is found in the most unexpected places! See you there!

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“Writing is a conscious decision to slow down and reflect, to get in touch with the soul. It has nothing to do with regimentation, data, or following the crowd. Writing is our greatest freedom, a return to self.”

Melissa Greene, Writer, teacher, and believer in art for a kinder world

"In this time of isolation and contemplating, I give thanks every day for you, and how you showed me where my words, like so many fireflies, were hiding."

Cherie S., WFTH student for 14 years

"Melissa’s work is such a gift to us all those fortunate enough to spend time with her, especially in this difficult time. It is an honor to support the light she brings to our world.!”

Joanne C., Cancer patient, Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute




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