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Write From the Heart doesn't just teach writing, it opens us to feeling present and alive. Melissa's mission: to keep the warmth of humanity in teaching, while introducing creative writing as a path to calm, joy, and deeper self-understanding. With compassion and a touch of mischief, her workshops illuminate the wonder, beauty, and hope that lie within us. A safe haven for all levels. No grades, grammar, or red pen.

  • Reduce stress

  • Bolster confidence

  • Take a break from perfectionism

  • Laugh, and laugh some more!

  • Bond with other creative souls

  • No grades, grammar or judgment

  • Beginners welcome!

“Writing is a conscious decision to slow down and reflect, to get in touch with the soul. It has nothing to do with regimentation, data, or following the crowd. Writing is our greatest freedom, a return to self.”

  ~Melissa Greene, writer, teacher,

and believer in art for a kinder world

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